Wednesday, April 19, 2017

New Look, New Art, New Blog!

In the coming weeks, this blog will be undergoing some changes. Or maybe it will remain fundamentally the same, however it will begin to be a part of the creative process in a more direct way. Stay Tuned

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sony & Sucker Punch reveal inFamnous Second Son!

On Wednesday, Sony revealed the new Playstation 4 and the game inFamnous Second Son which looks like it is hailing in a new generation of graphics.  The in-game simulations left little in the way of effects needs but Digital Domain and Sony collaborated, playing to each's strengths and we created an engaging and interest stoking piece.

Half a million views in 2 days!                           Watch this video in 1080p HD!

With such amazing graphics rendered by Sony and Sucker Punch, the main job of our DD team was to tell the story of the surveillance video. Organizing, converting, retiming and making all the feeds look like actual video sources. Then mapping the screens onto the 3D environment and integrating it all into their world became our charge.
My favorite moment is when we go through the camera and screen into the surveillance room ala the Matrix. (0:29)

The great storytelling device of the control room allows the audience to see many angles and different aspects of what the PS4 can do, in a short period of time. It engages and entertains the viewer, creating a sense of depth, space and control of the action like actually playing the game. For the DD team, we got a real kick out of seeing the story emerge from the feeds. It was also very satisfying to create looks for the different type of cameras, and all the digital glitches and interference that goes with it.

Here is a cool article with a lot more info:

Monday, February 11, 2013

Dead Space 3 Launch Trailer reaches 1 Million views!

Dead Space 3 Launch Trailer - "Take Down the Terror" reaches 1 million views with 2 weeks of its release! 

 The Digital Domain team knocks another one out of the park! Beautiful alien planet snowscapes and menacing alien markers make this live action spot special to fans and newbs alike. Beyond beautiful realism, the DD spot achieves an accurate representation of the game and an all stops pulled out snowfest! I am proud to have been part of one of the really fun projects and a really great game. Knowing how much the fans would appreciate the work we did, as I appreciate the artistry and drama the game has to offer. This is one of the main reasons I have for buying that new X-Box!

Several versions are up on the various video websites, totaling beyond one million views in 2 weeks. Special thanks to Barry, Aladino , Ron, Rebecca, Arthur, Jeff, John, Eric, Casey , Alex, Juan, both Neils and the whole team!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Nike Biomorph Wins Best in Show at Beverly Hills Dog Show!

Nike Biomorph Wins Best in Show at Beverly Hills Dog Show!
Well, not quite as prestigious... Nike Biomorph wins The VES Award (Visual Effects Society) for 

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Commercial

Congratulations to Rafael Colon, Aladino Debert, David Liu, Nicola Wiseman and the entire Biomorph team!

I have said it before, but what a great opportunity it was to be a part of this commercial!

A complete list of winners is here in this FXGuide article:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hawken - a free-to-play, online, multiplayer, mech-based first-person shooter

HAWKEN is a free-to-play, online, multiplayer, mech-based first-person shooter that puts you in the pilot seat of a giant robotic war machine.

Jerry O'Flaherty, Borderlands 2, Medal of Honor/Linkin Park Castle of Glass video director asked me back to do compositing on the Cinematic trailer for Hawken! I really got into it!

You can play for free, and it aint one of those crappy Zynga games that are "compulsion loops" and not real games. They want the free experience to be amazing so you want to upgrade to show off!

Here is an article.

Go to the site and sign up. Play on 12/12/12

Monday, October 15, 2012

Linkin Park - Medal of Honor - Digital Domain - Another winning combination!

I was excited to lend a hand for a few days compositing on the new Linkin Park music video, "CASTLE OF GLASS" featured in the upcoming EA game Medal of Honor Warfighter. The game is Inspired by actual events across the globe and written by Tier 1 Operators while deployed overseas, follow the global Warfighters as they are asked to take on a real terror threat, PETN. 

There is also a great making of video with breakdowns that I helped create. Check it out here:

Here is an article in fx guide about the video:

Monday, September 17, 2012

Borderlands 2 Launch Trailer Success!

With the release of Gearbox's game: Borderlands 2 this week, the launch trailer that I was part of the compositing team on, has released.

It is FREAKIN' AWESOME! The look of this game, and by extension this trailer is fantastic.

The You tube comments are hillarious:

omg omg omg omg omg omg oomg omg omg omg omg omg Im screaming like a little bitch omg omg omg omg (inside voice) I just had an orgasm(screaming again) omg omg!
Goodbye regular hygiene, sleeping, and eating habits, hello borderlands! 2!
imboringlycool 4 minutes ago
I want that last shot on my Desktop
Me watching this* Ooh!! Yes!! Double Siren action woo!! Hah Salvador is a midget! The old cast!!! WHY ISN'T IT MIDNIGHT RIGHT NOW!!!???!!! GOD THIS IS SOOO AWESOME!!
InhumanNomad 1 hour ago
Here is an IGN review of the game:
 Game ranx says, "Fortunately, no spoilers are contained within. However, if you have something against guns or awesomeness, then I suggest not venturing further as the trailer has ample doses of both."